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The legislation regarding asbestos is very strict and failure to comply can result in prosecution leading to massive fines and in some cases even imprisonment. The responsibility lies with the duty holder which could be the owner, landlord, tenant or manager of the property.

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The guidelines are easy to understand with the main point being very clear indeed:

Every commercial premise in the UK should hold an asbestos survey report along with information on measures that have been taken to manage asbestos present.

This law also applies to anyone who thinks their building is free of asbestos, as until a report is issued from a qualified surveyor giving the all clear the HSE still have every right to prosecute. There is a legal duty to uphold in the UK where anyone who maintains a property should investigate the building for the presence of asbestos by law. The Duty Holder (or holders in some cases) must monitor the condition, manage the presence of asbestos, remove the risk to any workers or passers-by and notify anyone who may be at risk, even those in nearby buildings.

In short, every duty holder must now:

  • Take steps to identify the location and state of asbestos by May 21st 2004.
  • Keep records that are updated regularly on the condition, location, monitoring, management and removal of asbestos.
  • Have a management plan in place for asbestos that remains in situ
  • Inform anyone who may come in contact with the asbestos of its presence.

We comply with the European Standard ISO 17020:2004 and hold the relevant qualifications of P402 and P405 to carry out surveys on commercial premises. This combined with our experience allows us to identify asbestos in over two thousand different substances from cement roofing to vinyl flooring.

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We will compile a comprehensive report that clearly labels where asbestos is present, it will then detail the ways you can manage the asbestos in the most cost effective and safe manner. We will also give you a management program so you can stay on the right side of the law for the indefinite future. As standard we meet all of the criteria of the HSE and comply with every regulation.

Each ASP Survey Report Pack includes:

  • An asbestos register of ACMs
  • Colour photographs of sampling points
  • Site plans indicating each sampling point
  • A certificate of analysis from a UKAS accredited laboratory
  • The report is emailed to you in PDF format

We will also produce a risk assessment to ascertain the risk of the fibres being released during normal occupancy in the future. We will not recommend removal of asbestos unless it is absolutely necessary as in many cases it is actually safer to leave it undisturbed and to monitor its condition over time.

We provide a management service for this and we will give you bespoke advice when you contact us at info@asbestoslondon.org or call us on 01277 546070.


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