Asbestos Testing

Also known as Asbestos sampling.

Before Carrying Out Any Work On Asbestos. It Must Be Tested Or Presumed To Be Asbestos!

HSG 248 & HSG264

All Asbestos analysis carried out is in accordance with HSE Guidance Notes (HSG 248 and HSG264). Ensuring top quality testing and quality control certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standard.

Asbestos Analysis Time

Generally, analysis of bulk materials takes up to 48 hours depending on the time we receive the samples to our laboratory. However, this is excluding bank holidays and weekends depending on the number of samples.

As asbestos experts we understand that asbestos samples and testing sometimes need a quick turnover. Get in contact with us and we can organise special arrangements for immediate turnaround. Although this is dependant on the number of samples and availability of our experts.

If You Are Looking To Have An Asbestos Survey Taken Out – Both Asbestos Management Surveys And Refurbishments/Demolition Surveys Require Asbestos Testing Samples

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