Asbestos Demolition Survey

An asbestos demolition survey, is required to be undertaken prior to demolition of a building. These types of survey are fully intrusive and extremely destructive. Used to locate and describe all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in buildings.

Before a property is demolished or refurbished, the threat of asbestos must be eliminated. In order to maintain the safety of any people that work or live near the property. 

Our refurbishment and demolition survey will locate any asbestos and offer the safe removal. CAR 2006 (regulation 7) stipulate that all asbestos should be removed prior to a major refurbishment or demolition of a building. Therefore, we supply survey reports along with a removal service that adheres to these strict regulations. Ensuring your building becomes asbestos free quickly and efficiently.

We need you to provide us with the site layout and any building plans. As well as, architectural drawings or historic survey reports. That allows us to conduct the survey efficiently, safely, and within the agreed timescales!

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