The Name Given To A Mineral Belonging To The Amphibole Mineral Family
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Amosite - Brown Asbestos

This mineral has a fibrous form (fibre like texture) and is also known as Brown Asbestos. Due to the natural coloration of the fibres. Asbestos, being the name given to the collection of minerals grown in a fibrous manner. 

The reason Amosite had such a wide range of applications is due to the properties the mineral offers:

  • High tensile strength
  • Very flexible
  • Heat durability
  • Thermal, electrical, and sound adsorption
  • Chemical, biological, and thermal degradation resistency

Amosite is the most commonly found Amphibole type of asbestos. More course and stronger than Chrysotile fibres – Amosite was widely used in rigid boards such as asbestos insulation boards (AIB). But is often used as part of mixture with Chrysotile. Brown Asbestos is also found in cement sheets, pipe insulation, break pads, and other roofing materials.

Like all types of asbestos. Any level of exposure to this substance can cause serious health conditions. Such as Asbestosis, Pleural disease, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Particularly Asbestos in the amphibole mineral family. Typically known to be the most dangerous, with very sharp barbed fibres. If inhaled the fibres are resistant to the bodies chemical dissolving mechanisms. Once embedded in the lungs the fibres removal is not an option.


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We recommend contacting experts should you require testing or removal of any asbestos. Especially Amosite Brown Asbestos.

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